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Roland Unwin, Visual Communications Manager, CAFOD


We pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide range of research methods allowing us to adopt the approach most suited to our clients’ needs.

We use qualitative and quantitative techniques and some in between, whichever are most productive for answering our clients’ questions. Examples include

focus groups as well as standard groups a variety of formats including friendship groups, in-school groups, mini-groups, reconvened groups and extended groups
depth interviews as well as face-to-face one on ones, paired depths and triads, telephone depths, intercept interviews, friendship depths, family depths, quali halls
quantitative surveys including street, exit, in-home/store/museum, online, self completes, postal, magazine inserts, telephone, CATI, hall tests
deliberative techniques for exploring more complex issues and to map out how people respond to new information and ideas
creative workshops for those situations when we want to encourage respondents to think more laterally and differently about things and to explore issues in greater depth
observations for those occasions when we want to see what people actually do (rather than what they might claim to do)
other methods accompanied visits, client participation, research panels, dicta-diaries


We use a variety of enabling techniques to help respondents explore different ideas including imagination exercises and imaginary visits, graffiti walls (top of mind associations), brick walls (barriers and overcoming them), role play and a host of projective techniques.

Our techniques tool bag is constantly being extended as we develop and try out new ways of tackling different issues.