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Ian Stephens, Senior Analyst, Ofwat

Case Studies

Client Issue
Ofwat Exploration of attitudes to water services in a changing climate
This project looked at the state of knowledge of the public with respect to the significant challenges faced by the water and sewerage sector. A growing population, economic uncertainty and a changing climate all make delivering sustainable water and sewerage services increasingly difficult. Possible solutions include making changes to bills, changes to customer behaviour or changes in the levels of service offered.

Ofwat wanted to understand customers' current attitudes and knowledge, their preferences for future services and the trade-offs they might be willing to make in order to help Ofwat design regulatory policies that incentivise water companies to deliver the outcomes that customers want and need.  

This was a challenging brief given the potential controversy of the subject matter (climate change and its causes) and the complexity of some of the concepts (such as resilience). We conducted extended focus groups lasting three hours to allow respondents time to get to grips with the issues among domestic water consumers structured by region, SEG and attitudes towards climate change.

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