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Andrew Manly, Marketing Insight, RSPB

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Client Issue
RSPB Futurescapes: a partnership approach to landscape scale conservation

The UK has failed to stop declines in wildlife / biodiversity numbers. The existing approach of creating reserves or species focussed projects is not enough to stop the declines and these need to be complemented by the up scaling of conservation efforts at a landscape scale. The RSPB's Futurescapes is a partnership approach to managing land on a landscape scale for the benefit of wildlife/biodiversity and people.

We conducted research among stakeholders (existing and potential partners), Members and the wider public to explore reactions to the idea. The overall aim was to provide the charity with guidance on the best way of presenting Futurescapes to different audiences to ensure they engage fully with the initiative. The results were extremely encouraging while at the same time highlighting a range of challenges and ways of addressing these.

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