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Catherine Bunting, Director, Research Strategy, Arts Council England


This is a selection of some recent projects – click on an issue for more details.

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Client Issue
Consumer Council for Water Drivers of satisfaction: factors underpinning perceptions of value for money
Consumer Council for Water Evaluation of universal water metering
Consumer Council for Water Water Poverty Revisited
Countryside Council for Wales Evaluation of a computer interactive
Defra and Non-native Species Secretariat Wildlife Management and Invasive Non-native Species
Defra Being a fisherman in England in 2009
Department for Children, Schools and Families Assessing progress by local authorities on the implementation of guidelines for Children Missing Education
Department of Health Regulation of cosmetic interventions
Department of Health Qualitative assessment of visitor and migrant use of the NHS in England
Department for International Development Booklet development research for a publication that aims to introduce the public to the UK Government's approach to trade with developing countries

Please note that we are unable to provide case studies of all our work as some projects are confidential and/or sensitive in nature.