What clients say

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Creative Research undertook the first major stage of the Arts Councilís arts debate programme and we were delighted with the results. Creative brought understanding, imagination and commitment to the project. They developed innovative and effective techniques to help participants consider complex issues in depth, and were sensitive to the ways in which different participants approached the subject matter. As well as providing a very solid foundation for the next stages of the arts debate, the results have had a major impact on the way the Arts Council thinks about and communicates with its audiences. Our staff, clients and wider stakeholders continue to refer to Creativeís work on a regular basis.

Catherine Bunting, Director, Research Strategy, Arts Council England


Creative Research is a great company to work with. They are clear, thorough and deliver to deadline. What more can you ask for!

Anne Pennington, Public Health Research & Evaluation Officer, Knowsley PCT


Creative Research were a pleasure to work with, approaching the work in an intelligent way and delivering well thought through results and conclusions.

Stephen Foulger, Content Director, The Science of...


A very useful piece of research which helped us make substantial modifications to the interactive. Evaluation research may well tell you things you donít want to hear, but it is the only alternative to living in ignorance and assuming that interpretive projects are successful with visitors because on a casual glance they appear to be so. We have every confidence in Creative Research to conduct studies which tell us what is not working and what we need to do about it, as well as telling us where we have been successful.

Carl Atkinson, Head of Communications, Countryside Council for Wales