What clients say

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The study was carefully and thoughtfully conducted, completed on-time and to budget and gave many interesting insights into the information needs of people with arthritis. Ros Payne and the team were a pleasure to work with and spared no effort to ensure that the project worked well and was presented and written up within the tight timescales available. Thank you!

Keir Windsor, Education Officer, Arthritis Research Campaign


We were very pleased with the way you understood what we were trying to achieve through the evaluation and how your presentation/report reflected our priorities. The findings were presented clearly and concisely, and were insightful and well-rounded. Communication was very good throughout. I look forward to working with you again.

Frazer Swift, Head of Learning, Museum of London


Creative Research responded to our brief with great speed and enthusiasm. The resulting report was hugely important in directing our thinking to the next stage.

Heather Norman Soderlind, Head of Public & Regional Marketing, British Library


Creative Research has provided us with comprehensive reports on the findings of our supporter surveys. They provide a valuable insight into our supporter base, and play an important role in the development of our education resources.

Lisa Cooney, Head of Education, World Cancer Research Fund