What clients say

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Another solid piece of work.

Liz Cotton, Research Project Manager, Consumer Council for Water


I was very pleased with how this work was undertaken, particularly as it was accomplished within a short time frame, and feel confident that the results will help us inform the final displays.

Pamela Willis, Curator, Museum of the Order of St John


We were very impressed with the initial tender document which showed a depth of experience in dealing with the vulnerable and hard to reach, and consideration of how to engage with them, and techniques which would help participants to give considered responses. We were also pleased with the effort which Creative made in getting us the sample we required for the project, given that we had stringent criteria which made this quite challenging. Creative were happy to close the interview and re-recruit when it turned out that the participant did not quite meet the recruitment criteria we had set. The project timetable did slip but we don't consider this to be down to Creative. The report was very detailed and considered. We can't think of anything we would challenge to have been done differently!

Liz Cotton, Research Project Manager, Consumer Council for Water


As always it was a pleasure working with Creative Research on this important project to explore how people think and feel about reading. Creative Research contributed a great deal of intellectual and methodological input to the project and took care to consider how complex terms such as ‘reading’ and ‘active readers’ could best be defined to ensure the sample was robust and the findings meaningful. The Arts Council and its partners were extremely pleased with the results, which have provided greater insight into the role reading plays in people’s lives today and how our organisations need to communicate about reading in order to encourage more people to get involved.

Catherine Bunting, Director, Research Strategy, Arts Council England