What clients say

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We were very pleased with both the manner in which Creative Research undertook the project, and the resulting report. Creative Research had clearly looked into the background of the issues concerned in order to fully understand and engage with the project, and there was clear communication from them from the outset concerning methods and approach. The report which resulted from this work was detailed, clear and transparent about both its methods and the findings. The quality of this report was also confirmed by two independent peer reviewers.

The Health Improvement Analytical Team, , Department of Health


Working with Creative Research was a great success! They delivered rigorous, high quality research and the report provided was very useful in supporting future gallery developments at the Science Museum!

Amelia Robinson, Senior Audience Advocate, Science Museum


From the outset, it was clear Creative Research were different. Their understanding of our industry and indeed the numerous projects they had undertaken had made them the hands down winner for our project. Creative Research were hugely efficient and thorough in their work ethic throughout the project, this had a positive impact on our internal team trusting that everything would be done properly and to time. They also reassured our independent Customer Forum (a group made up of water industry regulators and customer representatives to ensure our Business Plan for 2015-2020 meets customers and environmental needs) that the research undertaken was robust and legitimately undertaken. The outputs from this project continue to be in circulation throughout the business, it is literally the bones upon which our Business Plan is built.

Paul Chapman, Strategic Market Research Manager, Yorkshire Water


Researching policy areas can be enormously tricky not least because of the technical complexity and breadth of the subject matter under investigation. To obtain the most from the research requires not only a mastery of the topic guide but a solid grasp of the subject itself and the associated wider issues involved. For this work in particular, Creative Research were diligent in wanting to fully understand the subject and the effort they put into this task, was undoubtedly reflected in the richness of the analyses and insight they provided in the reporting.

Andrew Manly, Researcher - Supporter Insight, RSPB