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G-Gina Koutsika, Audience Advocate, Natural History Museum


The number and type of audiences we have researched is very wide and includes:

General Public
We have lots of experience of conducting research among members of the general public covering both mainstream and more specialist audiences, such as ‘twitchers’.

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Hard to Reach
We are often asked to involve ‘hard to reach’ audiences in our work such as single parents, people from BME backgrounds, members of different faiths/religions, victims of crime, unemployed people and those on low incomes and/or State benefits, benefit ‘cheats’, the elderly and carers.

Our team of research consultants includes a number who are themselves of BME origin and who can conduct discussions and interviews in a range of languages as required.

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Disabled People
We have conducted a number of projects among people with various impairments including people who are blind and partially sighted, deaf and hard of hearing, deafblind, people with mobility problems, people with mental health issues, people with specific learning difficulties or learning disabilities and carers. We call upon the help of various types of interpreter as required.

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Young People/Educational Sector
We have carried out research among both primary (Key Stages 1 & 2) and secondary school students (Key Stage 3, 4 & 5), teenagers, teachers (primary, secondary, lecturers, adult educators), parents, education leavers and the young unemployed.

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We have extensive experience of conducting research for museums and visitor attractions including visitors to museums, libraries, nature reserves, science centres, art galleries and other visitor attractions, non-visitors, new visitors, members, overseas visitors, shop and restaurant users, school groups (students and teachers), cinema goers and tour operators.

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Charity Supporters
Our work for charities has involved research among supporters, donors and potential donors, campaigners, beneficiaries, staff and advisors.

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Public Sector Employees
We have conducted interviews and focus groups with a wide cross-section of people working in the public sector. Examples include: teachers (primary and secondary), CAB advisors, central and local government employees of all grades, Council Members (parish, local and county), Connexions personnel, Police and Fire Brigade officers, Education Welfare officers, SureStart personnel, members of Local Strategic Partnerships, members of voluntary sector bodies, members of Youth Offender Teams, the Probation Service and Social Services, Homeless Services, Traveller Families teams, Health practitioners (GPs, nurse practitioners, hospital nurses, etc).

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We have carried out research involving businesses of all types and sizes from one man bands up to large corporates and on a diverse range of topics from awareness of and attitudes to the Disability Discrimination Act to attitudes to employees becoming magistrates. Audiences include sole proprietors, micro businesses, small, medium and large businesses and corporates. We have interviewed staff of all grades, from the most senior to the most junior.

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